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April's Bulbs and Blooms at Red Butte Garden

Event Start
9:00 AM  on  on Apr 1, 2015
Event End
5:00 PM  on  on Apr 30, 2015
One of the great botanical gardens in the West and a marvelous Daffodil display each spring is found at Red Butte Garden anytime during the month of April and early May. Every falll, volunteers and staff plant additional bulbs throughout the Garden and this spring the Garden will boast a colorful array of over 450,000 blooming bulbs, with over 227,000 Daffodils and other bulbs including Allium, Anemone, Camassia, Cardiocrinum, Chiondoxa, Cyclamen, Galanthus, Hyancinth, Iris, and Muscari. Millions of tree blossoms such as the Garden’s glorious crabapple, magnolia and flowering pear collections will also dazzle the senses.
The best time to see the blooms and blossoms is when they are at their peak during the Bulbs & Blooms Festival from April 10 – 25. But there are also mini and early-blooming bulbs that can start blooming as early as mid-May. The Garden also offers public and private garden tours, bird-watching tours, art exhibits, and a bulb display during the festival. Pack a picnic, bring your kids to play in the Children’s Garden, take a hike through the garden and natural area, or just relax in the sun.
Visit our Daffodils page for more information about all the different daffodil varieties in the Garden.
Some events during the Bulbs & Blooms Festival include:
Thursday, April 9 from Noon - 1:30PM
Saturday, April 18 from 10AM - Noon
Take a guided tour as the once-dormant plants are coming back to life.
Registration required.
Saturdays, April 18 & 25 from 9AM - Noon
Bring your camera and binoculars and take a guided morning walk when the Garden is full of wildlife activity.
Registration required.
There will be more birding tours every Wednesday and Saturday morning in May.
Event Start
9:00 AM  on  on Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Event End
5:00 PM  on  on Thursday, April 30, 2015